John Kennex has literally no time for you or your bullshit

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9 gifs of Harold Finch per episode -> S01E11 Super

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S03E23 Deus Ex Machina

The way Reese delivers this line…the despair in his voice, the body language with the bag sliding from his shoulder…GAH! I just…can’t.

I really have to applaud Jim’s acting in this scene. Actually, I have to applaud him in general. The writing in this show is brilliant, but Jim has brought something truly special to John Reese’s character, and I love him for it.

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Tertius gradus est eorum, qui arctant et restringuunt opinionem priorem tantum ad actiones humanas, quae participant ex peccato, quas volunt substantive, absque nexu aliquo causarum, ex interna voluntate et arbitrio humano pendere, statuuntque latiores terminos scientiae Dei quam potestatis, vel potius ejus partis potestatis Dei (nam et ipsa scientia potestas est), qua scit, quam ejus qua movet et agit, ut praesciat quaedam otiose, quae non praedestinet et praeordinet. - Francis Bacon, Meditationes sacrae

The third degree is of those who limit and restrain the former opinion to human actions only, which partake of sin: which actions they suppose to depend substantively and without any chain of causes upon the inward will and choice of man; and who give a wider range to the knowledge of God than to his power; or rather to that part of God’s power (for knowledge itself is power) whereby he knows, than to that whereby he works and acts; suffering him to foreknow things as an unconcerned looker on, which he does not predestine and preordain.

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you were all thinking it, don’t pretend you weren’t

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The Original Core Four ~ Reese, Finch, Carter & Fusco

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